F.A.Q - GoArbitrage Бот

Arbitrage cryptocurrency - one of the ways to earn money on the market of crypto currency. This is an instant, parallel transaction on the stock exchanges, when on two exchanges with the same currency pairs the difference in the exchange rate can vary from 1 to 18%, or even more.

To start trading with the GoArbitrage, you have to decide which pairs of altcoys you want to trade and distribute it between
For example:
Choose pairs: Itc\btc on exchanges binance and exmo. We divide the deposit by buying 50% Itc , 50% btc evenly on two exchanges. This is the minimum plan for a small deposit.The are more you use pairs, the more transactions will be made.

Our bot is little known for Google and there is distrust to it.


Automatic earnings on cryptocurrency with arbitrage strategy.